Does Rishi Sunak knows how to use a hammer?

Sunak knows how to use a hammer: Britain’s Prime Minister has been hammering away at her priorities for government all year, but social media thinks Prime Minister Rishi Sunak looks like he doesn’t know how to use one of life’s most basic DIY tools.

Sunak, who was at Sunny Bank Mills in Leeds on Thursday to meet small business owners, greeted Emma White and tried her hand at hammering metal jewelry in her studio.

Except that instead of using the face of a hammer, the prime minister used the face of a nail tool.
It comes after Sunak earlier this week unveiled five new “long-term decisions” for his government, with “supporting British business” a priority alongside “debt reduction” and “delivering world-class education”.” Is.

Rishi Sunak knows how to use a hammer 1

The clip (without the full text, of course) was shared online, and because of this, mockery from social media users soon followed:

Someone said: Of course, using a hammer is not necessary to be a prime minister, but this clip of Rishi Sunak explains a lot.

Another user wrote: Whatever anyone says, Rishi Sunak remains a man of the people. Especially that small group of people who don’t know how to use a contactless or contactless payment card.

Another said: Cameron forgot his 8-year-old daughter in a pub, May thinks there is no connection between crime and police numbers, Johnson wanted to blow COVID out of his body with a hair dryer, Terrace believes drones The passengers are scared of dogs, and Sonak is equally confused. With a hammer as he is with a credit card.

For those unfamiliar, the bacon sandwich comments are related to former Labor leader Ed Miliband’s photo shoot blunder in which his inability to get the food right defined his attempt to get into No.10.

This isn’t the first time that Sunak can’t act like a normal person, as she previously tried to use a contactless card and when she borrowed a cheap car to temporarily cut fuel costs.

Except, it’s not actually that Sunak is incapable of understanding the basics of the craft, as the full video (which unfortunately doesn’t get as much airplay as its shorter counterpart) shows White specifically asking the prime minister to hit the side of the hammer when he strikes. To use metal:

So for those who say Sunak is using the hammer right here, well… you hit the nail on the head.

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