Sudden Heart Attacks During Navratri Garba Dance Raise Health Concerns in Gujarat, India


Sudden Heart Attacks During Navratri Garba


Sudden Heart Attacks During Navratri Garba: The fervor of Garba during Navratri in Gujarat is famous throughout India, but the news that has come out this time has spread a sense of mourning and increased everyone’s concern.

During Navratri, 10 people have died in the past 24 hours in Gujarat due to heart attacks while playing Garba. Among these 10 people is a 17-year-old boy. This incident is from Kheda’s Kapadvanj. According to the report, 17-year-old Veer Shah had a heart attack while playing Garba. After Veer Shah fainted in the Garba ground of Kapadvanj, he was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctors declared him dead.

According to the report, this 17-year-old boy was physically completely healthy. His sudden death has created an atmosphere of grief in the entire village, including his family. Veer participated in Garba on the sixth day of Navratri. After Veer’s death, the Garba organizers stopped the Garba dance program. The sudden death of their son has left his parents and family in shock.

After his son’s death, Veer Shah’s father, Ripal Shah, appealed to people with folded hands: “Please be aware. Do not play Garba for a long time without taking a break. I have lost my son today, I hope this does not happen to anyone else.”

Navratri is a celebration of worship to the goddess Durga, and the Indian people will dance the Garba to commemorate it.

People dance around the sacred lamp or the goddess’s idol, with the rhythm gradually increasing from slow to fast. However, this seemingly easy and relaxed dance has claimed the lives of 10 people!

Sudden Heart Attacks During Navratri Garba-1
People take part in a ‘Garba’ dance in Bhopal, capital of India’s Madhya Pradesh state, last week. AFP


In one day, 10 people died in Gujarat while playing Garba. Experts are also worried about these incidents during Garba. Everyone died of a heart attack. The rapidly increasing incidents in recent times have scared people. Before this, on October 20, a 13-year-old boy died of a heart attack while playing Garba in Baroda.

13-year-old child’s death In Dabhoi of Vadodara district, a 13-year-old child also died of a heart attack. Vaibhav Soni was returning from a Garba program on a bicycle when he fell and suffered minor injuries. He was taken to the hospital and some tests including an X-ray were done and he was discharged.

Later, Vaibhav complained of chest pain and his family gave him some medicine and put him to sleep. A few hours later when he did not wake up, he was taken to the hospital, where the doctors declared him dead.

What do doctors say

Doctors say that the problem of heart attack is due to lack of sleep, low water intake, low blood pressure, unbalanced use of salt, and hereditary problems.

To avoid heart attack problems while playing Garba, Garba should be played in an open place and the organizer should give CPR training to their staff. There should be adequate arrangements for water at the Garba event site and those with heart problems, diabetes, or blood pressure should not play for a long time.

Many people in India are suffering from diabetes, many are pre-diabetic. Many people have blood pressure problems. People are obese. All these cause problems in the coronary arteries. Our population is young, but it is not very healthy. In such a situation, any physical activity dance, Garba, or exercise should not be done for a long time to avoid a heart attack, rest should be taken as soon as even a little fatigue is felt.


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