Store Thief Identification Test: Can you quickly identify which of these 3 women stole from the store!?

Store Thief Identification Test: Today, the Galgoli Entertainment magazine website presents you with a visual puzzle. It must be said that this question or visual puzzle can effectively test your cognitive skills, especially your vision, accuracy, and to some extent, your analytical ability. A look at the designer’s Facebook page of this test shows that only a very small number of participants in this visual challenge were able to analyze and provide a correct and logical answer to this visual test in the specified time of 4 seconds. Join Galgoli entertainment magazine and the Store Thief Identification Test. Identify the thief among these three women.

Store Thief Identification Test Image:

In the image above, you are faced with a picture of three women in a store. It seems that these three women are pregnant. Nothing unusual can be seen in the women. But if you look closely, you can easily identify one of the women who is trying to steal something. Which of these three women in the image do you think is a thief? What is your reason for choosing a specific person?

Store Thief Identification Test




Try not to cheat, and if you have not found the correct answer, go back and review the subject, then scroll down and see the answer!




Store Thief Identification Test Answer:

If you look at the image below with the colored mark, we have identified the price tag on the dress, so the woman in the middle has taken and worn the dress from the store!

Store Thief Identification Test 1

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