Stealing a van containing 1000 donuts in Australia, did the thief of this van love donuts?


Stealing a van containing 1000 donuts in Australia


Stealing a van containing 1000 donuts in Australia: A delivery truck of donut chain brand Kripy Kreme in Australia was stolen “in a row” during transportation. 10,000 fresh donuts disappeared without a trace in the vehicle. The police are currently looking for anyone with knowledge.

Chinese media quoted Australia’s Channel 7 News as reporting on November 29 that the driver was driving a van carrying 10,000 Christmas-themed and classic-flavored donuts on his way to Newcastle at 3:30 a.m. I stopped at a gas station in Carlingford, a Chinese district, to refuel, but I was unexpectedly robbed by a robber.

Xinzhou police informed that they are currently searching for the truck and a thief who “loves sweets”.

According to the CCTV installed at the gas station, the thief was a woman who drove a donut truck at the gas station and left the scene.

“10,000 donuts were stolen and the Krispy Kreme team is working hard to restock them, which are handmade fresh daily,” said Lenny Reddy, head of supply chain.

“We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused and would like to thank the NSW Police for their quick response. We are currently offering all uniformed first responders, including police officers, 50% off our entire store.”

At the same time, the police also appealed to anyone with information to provide information. If they have clearer CCTV footage or clues, they can call the hotline to contact them.

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