The strange similarity of the mysterious Egyptian statue with Michael Jackson, is time travel really done?


similarity of the mysterious Egyptian statue with Michael Jackson


similarity of the mysterious Egyptian statue with Michael Jackson: A mysterious Egyptian bust at the Field Museum in Chicago has recently gained widespread attention and speculation because many people have noticed the striking resemblance to the legendary dance king, Michael Joseph Jackson. This discovery has sparked intense discussions among time travel enthusiasts. However, the museum humorously clarified some misconceptions, pointing out that the statue depicts a female, so Michael Jackson couldn’t possibly be some “secret time traveler.”

According to the Daily Star, the bust is believed to have been carved during the New Kingdom period in Egypt, between 1550 and 1050 BC. This finding has piqued the curiosity of some and even made time travel theorists wonder if the background and style of Michael Jackson’s famous song “Remember the Time” could be related to Egypt, rather than just a coincidence.

similarity of the mysterious Egyptian statue with Michael Jackson-1
Left: Ancient Egyptian stone statue. Photo by John Weinstein, Field Museum of Natural History – Photography Division
© Field Museum of Natural History. Right: Michael Jackson. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

What’s more intriguing is that this statue is different from other Egyptian artifacts, as it lacks any hieroglyphic inscriptions on its surface, suggesting it may belong to a different period. This has deepened some people’s speculation about Michael Jackson being a time traveler.

Some fans have also noticed that the statue’s damaged nose bears a resemblance to Jackson’s post-surgery appearance. However, the museum director explained that in Egypt, many statues were intentionally damaged during the early Christian and Muslim rule, as these religious groups considered idol worship to be unacceptable. They deliberately destroyed the noses of statues to make them look less human.

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