Self-diagnosis personality test, Take this test to discover your biggest flaw, answer only the first thing you see!

Self-diagnosis personality test


Self-diagnosis personality test: encourage you to take part in this new personality test that has gone viral on social media due to its. Would you like to participate?

Many users turn to personality tests that abound on social media to discover what truly lies within to get to know themselves a little better.
It is for this reason that we encourage you to explore this innovative visual questionnaire that contains important information about you.

This new challenge is very similar we share on our, as you only need to choose the first thing your eyes spot. keep that the image has been created for entertainment purposes and does not have a scientific basis.

What were you Now, you must choose eyes to capture within a time limit of 5 seconds. You can choose between a group of flying birds, a tree, or the abundance of leaves among the branches. Are you ready?


Self-diagnosis personality test-1
image source: Pinterest









You can start right away:

Answered Self-diagnosis personality test


Discover your Flying birds:

You are a dream full of future plans. One of your major flaws is that you often disconnect from reality and struggle to handle the problems you currently face. Nevertheless, you always strive to fulfill your dreams.


yourself as a sincere and realistic person. However, on many occasions, you can be very hurtful towards those around you, so improving your character.

Leaves of the tree:

You are an observant person. You don’t tend to dream much about the things you desire which makes. You have many minor flaws, but around you highlight your virtues.



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