A man refused to move his seat for a ridiculous elderly couple on a 12-hour flight

seat for a ridiculous elderly couple: There’s been a lot of in-flight drama in the past few months, from Tiffany Gomez’s “unreal” rant that was eventually deleted, to a famous Instagram woman bragging about her so-called celebrity status, it seems like 2023 is the year Anger has been in the air.

But now there is news that puts a man in a very uncomfortable position.
When the anonymous passenger (let’s call him Joe for convenience) booked a 12-hour long flight from New Zealand to Los Angeles, he paid extra for extra legroom because of his height.
Joe said, his name clearly written above his reserved seat, where he saw an elderly couple sitting.

He politely raised the issue, showed them his ticket, and explained that he had paid extra for his comfort, so they offered him 10 rows back in their seats.

They went on to tell him that the “[leg room] isn’t that bad” there.

seat for a ridiculous elderly couple 1
The elderly couple refused to move. Credit: Pexels/ Daniel Frese

That’s when a flight attendant intervened while Joe was talking to the elderly couple. When the situation was explained, the employee told the couple that they had not paid for those seats and would have to move.
In response, they requested an upgrade – but this was not possible as the flight was full.

“I got the stink eye from other people on the flight,” Joe wrote in the popular Reddit thread.

It didn’t take long for fellow Redditors to chime in, with one user calling the pair “ridiculous.”
One person wrote: “Lol people giving you dirty looks like you hurt this old couple for their health.”

Another added: “It honestly didn’t matter if you were 4’0 – they were your seats.”

A third said, “Seriously, what kind of person decides to sit in someone else’s seat on a plane? I understand that the seat is empty when you get off the plane, but that kind of thing takes a certain kind of right.” ”

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