Salma Hayek, who is 56 years old, has disclosed the “revolting” method behind her impressive physical form

Salma Hayek 56 years old:  A woman in her fifties can reach the peak of her femininity, and Salma Hayek is a prime example of this. The Hollywood star recently shared a post on Instagram, flaunting her incredible body, which became immensely popular and left nobody indifferent. This also made us curious to find out the secret behind her impressive radiance and ageless beauty.

Salma Hayek’s old latest post left us in awe.

salma hayek in the ocean
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The actress shared a series of pictures with her over 24 million Instagram followers, depicting her emerging from the ocean and boarding a boat during sunset. In another photo, she is seen dipping her hair in the salty water, looking as glorious as ever.

Salma Hayek captioned the post: “Every time I need to feel renewed, I jump into the ocean,” and included a Spanish translation of the same sentence. Salma was sporting a bright yellow 2-piece swimsuit that perfectly showcased her toned waistline, arms, and tanned body. Fans were quick to shower the 56-year-old with praise, giving her post more than 2 million likes and over 16k comments.

One person wrote, “Looking this young in your 50s should be illegal, like what,” while another follower noted, “Thought this was a throwback!”

Her fountain of youth.

Salma Hayek bikini split
Image source: FOX NEWS

A few years ago, Salma revealed that she drinks a cup of bone broth every day, which she says “is very good to keep yourself young.” Even though Salma admitted that the drink is “sort of disgusting,” she mentioned that she loves doing it because of all the benefits it provides.

The actress explained, “You take a bunch of bones from a cow, and you slow cook them for many, many hours.” She then adds a tablespoon of apple cider. According to Hayek, the mixture “helps to restructure the tissues of your skin, your hair, and your nails.”

Hayek had also previously stated that she doesn’t use Botox and doesn’t follow intense workout routines. She noted that walking her dogs is her “version of exercise.”

Having said that, Salma is a fan of “restorative yoga,” where she holds her body “in a way where the muscles are activated all day long.”

This lady’s positive outlook on life continues to inspire us.

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