Chinese company gives huge bonuses to workers who run two miles a day

Run two miles daily and get rewarded: A company in China has come up with a new way to reward its employees at the end of the year: jogging.

Dongpo Paper Co. in Guangdong Province has said it will implement a reward scheme for its employees based on how many miles they run each month.

Boss Lin Xiong said the plan keeps his workers in shape. He added: “My business can only survive if my employees are healthy.”

If employees want the highest annual bonus, they must run 62 miles each month, which equals 130 percent of their monthly salary. This equates to about two miles per day.

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Employees need to run 62 miles each month for their bonusAsiaVision

Those who do not receive this bonus will receive a month’s salary if they run 31 miles each month, 60% for 24 miles and 30% for 18 miles.
Users of the Chinese social media platform Weibo were divided on whether the plan was a good idea.

One person wrote: The purpose of the company’s policy is good, but you should consider the existing conditions or health issues among your employees.
Another said: “The company should add bonuses to employees who exercise instead of using the existing bonus as a bargaining tool.”

Run two miles daily and get rewarded
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“You need to run two miles a day to reach your monthly goal of 62 miles,” said a third. So, this company wants its employees to be track athletes?”

However, some of the 100 employees on the paper company’s payroll who spoke to the Guangzhou Daily indicated that they were satisfied with the bonus calculation formula.
Not only can we keep fit, but we also get paid for it. This is killing two birds with one stone, an anonymous employee told the publication.

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