Royal Family Requested ‘Suits’ Change Meghan Markle’s Line After She Began Dating Prince Harry

When Meghan Markle started dating Prince Harry, the royal family apparently began vetting her scripts on Suits. Creator Aaron Korsh said he was asked to change a word they deemed inappropriate.

Korsh told The Hollywood Reporter it was “irritating” but exciting to get palace feedback after Meghan met Harry. However, one word in particular upset the royals – “poppycock.”

Korsh had written the line as a tribute to his in-laws who often used it. But the palace didn’t want Meghan uttering it, likely to avoid any edited clips. So they substituted in a more vulgar word – “bullsh*t.”

Korsh said there were a couple of other script notes from the palace through Meghan’s team. He took them in stride to protect her, though they frustrated the writers.

The notes didn’t come directly from Meghan, but rather the production or her agent. Korsh understood not want Meghan manipulated but felt the concerns were exaggerated.

In the end, he sympathized with the palace’s position despite the inconvenient requests. Korsh wanted to avoid any issues for Meghan from the royal family or public.


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