A Robot Mistake in a factory causes death, the operator mistakes the control for a box of vegetables and pushes it into a conveyor belt


A Robot Mistake in a factory causes death


A Robot Mistake in a factory causes death: A man in South Korea was “crushed to death” by a robot because the robot malfunctioned and failed to distinguish a human from a food box being processed.

According to Korean media reports, the man was about 40 years old and was an employee of a robotics company. He was inspecting the robot when the incident occurred. Something went wrong. The robot mistakenly thought it was lifting a box of vegetables, but grabbed the man. The robot then pushed the man’s body onto a conveyor belt, crushing his face and chest. The man was taken to hospital but died from his injuries.

The report pointed out that the robot is usually responsible for carrying boxes of peppers and transferring them to pallets. The man was checking the robot’s sensors before the test.

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this photo by Gyeongsangnam-do Fire Department via AP-South Korea


Check the machine sensor for failure
According to reports, the man had an accident while checking the operation of the robot’s sensors on November 8. The test was originally scheduled to be conducted on November 6 but was postponed for two days due to problems with the robot’s sensors.

The man was a worker at a company that manufactures robotic arms. When he was inspecting the machine late at night on the 8th, the machine broke down.

After the incident, the Donggucheng Export Agricultural Park, where the factory belongs, issued a statement calling for the establishment of a “safe and precise” system.

In March this year, a South Korean man in his 50s was seriously injured when he was trapped by a robot while working at an auto parts manufacturing plant.

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