Rihanna Claps Back at Fan Backlash Over “Fine” Comment About Her Son

Rihanna Claps Back: Over the years, Rihanna has been criticized for everything from her hairstyle to her clothing choices, but she always responds with a clap back. Even fellow celebrities have tried to call her out. Most recently, some of her fans criticized the way she referred to her son on social media.

Rihanna’s Fans Defend Her Against Backlash Over Her Comments About Her Baby, Reminding Critics of Her Epic Twitter Clapbacks

It all started with a single word-Rihanna Claps Back

Rihanna Claps Back
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Rihanna, known for her sassy comebacks, was quick to defend herself. When she posted a photo shoot with her baby for British Vogue on Instagram, she referred to her son as “fine” and some of her followers took issue with it. But Rihanna didn’t let the criticism get to her. She responded by saying, “His mother does!!!” and shut down other negative comments.

Rihanna’s Comment About Her Son Sparks Controversy Among Fans, With Some Calling It Uncomfortable and Strange. But RiRi’s Army Comes to Her Defense, Prompting the Singer to Address the Backlash Head-On.

Despite the criticism, Rihanna loves being a mom and doesn’t care what others say.

Image source: Getty/Instagram

She and A$AP Rocky are completely enamored with their baby boy and have grown even closer since his arrival. While they prefer to keep their child out of the public eye, Rihanna’s Instagram is filled with adorable baby pictures that show just how much she loves being a mom.

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