Archaeologists claim to have discovered the remains of Noah’s Ark!

remains of Noah’s Ark: Researchers from universities in Turkey and the United States believe that they may have found the ruins of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat, Turkey’s highest mountain.

The biblical account tells of God commanding Noah to build an ark to save his family and followers, as well as a pair of each animal, from the coming flood.

Noah’s ark is said to have come to rest in the mountains of Ararat after a 150-day flood about 5,000 years ago.
According to the Daily Mail, Farouk Kaya, vice president of the AICU, said: “In terms of age, it is said that there was life in this area as well.

Archaeologists claim to have discovered the remains of Noah's Ark
The study is comprised of three Turkish and American universities

“This was evident in the laboratory results.”

However, this does not prove the biblical account to be true.

Archaeologists have repeatedly emphasized that this formation is natural and not the result of a shipwreck.
There is also no geological record of a global flood as described in religious texts. And while some people believe that local flooding may have been possible, this has also been debated.

Kaya told the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet: “With the dating, it cannot be said that the ship is here.”

In the next period, we agreed to conduct a joint study led by ITU, Andrew University, and AICU. “The three universities will continue their work in this field in the future.”

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