Reality Identification Test: Can You Tell If the Child is Really Abducted and the Woman is Lying!?

The reality Identification Test is another visual question that challenges your brain. You have to answer who tells the truth in this test. Try to solve this complex puzzle that according to the creator and designer of this test, only 3 out of 10 people have been able to decrypt it. Join PerfectDays magazine and Reality Identification Test.

The Reality Identification Test

In the Reality Identification Test image, you see an interesting picture. A crying child is shouting that they have been kidnapped. A woman has taken the child and prevented them from escaping. Meanwhile, the police arrive and ask the woman for identification papers and check them. The child screams to be rescued, and the woman claims to be the child’s mother. The police quickly check the documents. Who do you think tells the truth, the woman, or the child? Everything depends on your intelligence and detective skills to help the police identify the truth.

reality Identification Test
image source: 7second riddle




Your opportunity to answer the Reality Identification Test is over! You are in the last section of the article, which means it’s time to answer the test. Examine the Reality Identification Test carefully. It’s okay if you take your second test.




The Reality Identification Test Answer

The woman tells the truth. She is the mother of the child. If she had kidnapped the child, she would have taken all of their electronic devices, such as a smartwatch, tablet, etc., to prevent them from contacting their family or even the police. A kidnapper would quickly remove their victim’s belongings to avoid being caught.

reality Identification Test Answer
image source: 7second riddle

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