The strong reaction of football fans to the trolling of the photo of Declan Rice and his girlfriend and supporting the two couples

reaction to the trolling of the photo of Declan Rice: Declan Rice’s fans have come to the defense of his girlfriend after cruel trolls attacked him online.

The disgusting tweet targeted Rice’s childhood sweetheart Lauren Fryer on Wednesday (Dec. 6), where it has racked up nearly 14 million views, with thousands more roasting the troll’s post.

It featured two photos of the happy couple enjoying a vacation together, along with a horrifying tweet: “Declan Rice is a 6’1 elite athlete, multi-millionaire footballer, and yet he settles for a fat white girl.” give…
Of course, this fragile Twitter was hiding behind a fake account to keep his identity hidden. But the “joke” backfired when no one saw the funny side.

One person wrote: “This tweet is so wrong. Delete,” while another replied: “Imagine choosing a life partner based on society’s beauty standards. Your little man’s ego is showing.”

strong reaction to the trolling of the photo of Declan Rice

“It’s very easy to tell which accounts have never felt the touch of a woman,” said a third.

Another rightly pointed out that the tweet was “an ingenious way of portraying yourself as someone who doesn’t know how to talk to a woman.”
Meanwhile, one X/Twitter user echoed: “Hey look at me, a virgin too worried about what footballers do off the pitch because my life is bad, I’ve never been with a woman in real life I didn’t speak” was what he wanted to say. ”

Many others asked for the poster to simply be enlarged.

reaction to the trolling of the photo of Declan Rice
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The Arsenal midfielder and his girlfriend first started dating at the age of 17 after seeing each other at school. Lauren has since been seen supporting Declan in many of his games over the years.

The happy couple welcomed their first son, Jude, in August 2022.
Declan revealed the birth of his son with a new tattoo during the West Ham game on Sunday 21 August 2022, with Jude’s name and date of birth ‘07.08.2022’.

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