Personality test with complex lines, do you think lines can talk about our past and psyche? So take this test.


Personality test with complex lines


Personality test with complex lines: Don’t wait for another second and learn more about yourself by taking this accurate personality test that has gone viral on social media.

Did you know that various actions reveal our true nature? That’s why we encourage you to take part in this new personality test that has surprised many participants. Are you ready?

To engage in this mental exercise, you only need to choose one of the four doodles I will show you next. It’s important to mention that there is no specific time limit for completing the test. Take your time!

Take a look at the visual test image! Try to be honest with your choice because it will reveal which childhood trauma directly influences your personality. Are you ready to start the mental test? We hope so. Let’s begin with 3, 2, 1.


Personality test with complex lines -1
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Answered Personality test with complex lines



If you chose this option, it’s possible that you have experienced traumatic events in your childhood. You may have witnessed challenging situations as a child, which have influenced your personality and made you a submissive person.


The second option suggests that you lacked parental motivation during your childhood. The insecurity in your decisions is a result of various comments you received from your family.


You are a person who didn’t have a strong sense of family unity because your loved ones were always preoccupied with other things. Presently, you dislike forming bonds with others due to fear of abandonment.


You have been betrayed at some point during your childhood, which is why you tend not to trust others. Those who know you understand that you have a good heart, but you don’t like showing your feelings to people because you believe they will take advantage of you.


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