Man Hospitalized After Participating in Dangerous Online،Challenge with Light Bulb Stuck in His Mouth


Participating in Dangerous Online،Challenge


Participating in Dangerous Online،Challenge: In a rather peculiar incident at a hospital in Zhejiang, China, a Chinese man arrived at the emergency room with the base of a light bulb protruding from his mouth. This bizarre situation was the result of his attempt to participate in an incredibly foolish online challenge.

On July 25th, the Yuyao City Fire and Rescue Brigade faced an extraordinary rescue mission. A local man, known as Mr. Chen, rushed into their station desperately trying to communicate something. However, his mouth was covered by a t-shirt, and he could only produce muffled sounds.

Upon removing the makeshift mask, the cause of his incomprehensible speech became apparent – he had an LED light bulb lodged in his mouth and sought assistance in having it removed. Unfortunately, the firefighters found this task to be too challenging.

After examining the man’s mouth and assessing the situation, the firefighters determined that forcefully extracting the glass light bulb would pose a significant risk of mouth damage if the glass were to shatter. Consequently, they transported Mr. Chen to the nearby Yuyao People’s Hospital.

Upon arrival, a team of doctors discovered that the man’s mouth could not be opened wide enough to safely remove the light bulb. They opted to use a specialized mouth opener to dislocate his jaw on one side and successfully extract the glass bulb.

With a sense of relief, Chen explained to the doctors that he had gotten the light bulb stuck in his mouth approximately two hours prior. Despite attempting to remove it himself, he could not open his mouth wide enough to bypass his teeth safely. The resulting difficulties in swallowing and speaking led him to seek professional help.

When asked about the reason behind his peculiar action, the middle-aged man casually mentioned that he had watched someone perform a similar act in an online video and wanted to see if he could replicate it. It seems he obtained his answer in an unexpected and unfortunate manner.

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