Hidden tennis ball vision test, can you find the tennis ball within 5 seconds?

Hidden tennis ball vision test: Due to the popularity of mental challenges on social media, they are becoming increasingly difficult to solve on the first attempt. At Galgoli, we trust in your abilities and invite you to solve one that will give you a “strong headache”.

This time, you will have to demonstrate your best abilities in this viral challenge to become a TRUE CHAMPION. Also, remember to follow our instructions to the letter. Are you ready?

Hidden tennis ball vision test

Maximize your senses and concentrate! Your goal is to locate the tennis ball that a young person lost inside his room or he won’t be able to go to his class.

All you have to do is carefully look at the objects scattered inside the bedroom. Due to the mess, a young person lost his tennis ball and will not be able to attend his sports class.

Your MISSION for TODAY is to find it within a time limit of 5 seconds in this mental exercise. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to give you any clues.

Hidden tennis ball vision test-1
image source: GenialGuru







Did you not find it? Don’t worry, we knew it was going to be complicated due to its high level. Also, we tell you that 99% of the participants failed and made the drastic decision to give up.

Answer hidden tennis ball vision test

Therefore, we advise you to practice so that you are better prepared for the next challenge. Meanwhile, we share with you the location of the true solution that was inside the skate helmet.


Hidden tennis ball vision test-2
image source: GenialGuru


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