Queen Elizabeth II Allegedly Thought This One Request From Meghan Markle Was ‘Inappropriate’

The first few months of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s life together as a married couple was met with a lot of transition. New royal responsibilities, titles, and their living arrangements all changed at quite the rapid pace. Now we’re learning that the location of the couple’s home was actually met with the slightest push-back from the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Initially, Meghan made a request for the couple to live in Windsor Castle, according to OK! Magazine. But Queen Elizabeth found the appeal “inappropriate,” per a source who spoke with the outlet. The late monarch then “politely but firmly suggested” the newly-minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex takeover Frogmore Cottage, part of the Home Park in Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth II Allegedly Thought This One Request From Meghan Markle Was ‘Inappropriate' 1

“The cottage was a big deal. The Queen’s entrance into the gardens is right next to their cottage,” the outlet’s source said. “She was giving that up in gifting Harry and Meghan Frogmore Cottage,” the source added. “We all thought it was very big of her. She said ‘I hope they’ll respect it.’”

In June this past summer, Harry and Meghan officially vacated Frogmore Cottage, having settled in Montecito, CA. The couple reflected on their time at Frogmore Cottage in their Netflix docu-series Harry & Meghan. Based on what they shared, it seemed like the couple was really excited to spend their lives there, eager to make their house a home. Life looks very different now from what Harry and Meghan imagined. But this anecdote about how the couple moved into Frogmore Cottage definitely adds a new layer to their ongoing story.


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