Put Your Math Skills to the Test: Find the Hidden Number in This Brain-Teaser Image!

Find the Hidden Number: Attention math geniuses! Are you ready for a new challenge? Take a look at this brain-teaser image and see if you can find the missing number.

The image may look simple, but don’t be fooled – you will need to use your math skills to crack this code. So, put your thinking cap on and get ready to impress yourself and your friends.

With a keen eye and a sharp mind, you’ll be able to solve this puzzle in no time. So go ahead, give it a try, and see if you can find the hidden number!

Brain teasers are puzzles that require lateral thinking to solve. If you enjoy tricky puzzles and finding solutions, then brain teasers are for you. Test your knowledge and talent in solving these challenging puzzles, and see if you have what it takes to succeed. If you get stuck, don’t worry, we have provided the solution below for reference.

There’s an indescribable feeling of pleasure when you finally solve a puzzling equation, isn’t there? Some people might find it difficult to solve this trending math puzzle that we’ve included here. However, others might have an easy time using the simple math rules they learned in school.

Find the Hidden Number

image source: Fresherslive

Remember, the solutions to brain teasers are usually simple concepts. All you need to do is activate your brain and think carefully. This math puzzle and its answer are provided below. So, if you want to increase your IQ, give it a try! Brain teasers may drive you crazy, but the moment you find the solution will amaze you. Check out the puzzle below.

Increasingly, people are becoming intrigued by brain teasers, finding them fascinating and challenging, while also enjoyable for some. However, a growing number of creative and amazing brain teasers shared on the internet can confuse readers, especially when the images do not accurately represent the answers. As a result, internet users may attempt to answer challenges after seeing such images.

Do you want to put your mathematical skills to the test? Ready for a brain teaser challenge?

Brain teasers not only provide entertainment but also enhance thinking, listening, and creative skills. They can be great stress-relievers as well.

If you’re up for the challenge of solving a brain teaser, continue reading. The goal is to find the answer in the given puzzle image. It may be challenging for some, but don’t worry – the solution image is provided below.

Answer to Find the Hidden Number

To explain the solution in steps, we start with Row 2, which represents the difference between columns: 43-13, 13-10, and 10-8. Therefore, the result is 30, 3, and 2, respectively.

In Row 3, we determine the differences between Row 2 values, which are 30-3 and 3-2, resulting in 27 and 1, respectively.

Moving to Row 4, the difference between Row 3 values is 27-1, which equates to 26. And that’s the missing number in the given puzzle image.

Image source: Fresherslive


Solving brain teasers provides many benefits, including the promotion of mental well-being and an increase in IQ level. They help in developing critical thinking and analytical abilities, as well as increasing focus and patience.

To reduce stress levels and fight fatigue, tackling brain teasers that align with your interests is crucial. There’s an abundance of illusions, brainteasers, and puzzles to choose from, and combining logic with intelligence can lead to success. Additionally, tricking others, and challenging them to solve the brain teasers, is also entertaining.

Mathematical puzzles are both enjoyable and require mental effort. Solving brain teasers necessitates creativity and cognitive abilities, which can lead to healthy discussions. Just as you may have learned math rules to solve mathematical problems and expressions in class, the same concept applies here.

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