Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Reportedly Still Haunted by Their ‘Out of Touch’ Caribbean Tour

Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Reportedly : Prince William’s rogue comments about changing what a royal patronage looks like might ruffle a few feathers, particularly with King Charles III, but his words might be a wake-up call to everyone at the palace. The old ways of doing things just don’t work anymore — and even though it is Charles’ intent to modernize the monarchy, it appears he’s not doing it fast enough for the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Reportedly

William and Kate have been hesitant to do any major overseas tours after being haunted by their “out of touch” Caribbean trip in 2022, according to The Telegraph. The visit was shockingly “tone deaf” and proved the point of royal critics who feel that the palace has not done enough to acknowledge the British ties to slavery and colonialism. That “ill-fated” tour was enough for the couple to make a major pivot and try to forge their own path, which royalists and his father don’t always agree with. William is reportedly “keen to have his own voice” even though it is Charles who is currently on the throne.

Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Reportedly 1

The Prince and Princess of Wales are “shaking things up” by hiring a CEO to be “responsible for the development and implementation of [their royal highnesses’] long-term strategy” instead of the private secretaries. This change in palace structure likely sent shockwaves through the staff because they have held all the power (and the gossip) for decades. The Telegraph described the dynamic duo as “hell bent on doing this their own way” because they were so burned by the negative headlines and uncomfortable optics from the Caribbean tour last year.

The public is also demanding more from the royal family since their privileged lives are funded by their tax dollars. William’s “work-shy” issue continually follows him around even years after it was first addressed. The Prince and Princess of Wales have started to forge their own path, but it may require them to step up more than ever — even if they’d rather take a lighter schedule while their children are still young. It’s a delicate balance they have to strike, but William and Kate want to avoid those serious PR missteps from 2022 that brought them the harshest criticism of their royal careers.


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