Royal Biographers Say Prince Harry ‘Won’t Divorce’ Meghan Markle—And She Might’ve ‘Already Gotten What She Wanted’ From Him

Prince Harry ‘Won’t Divorce’ Meghan Markle: Numerous rumors have circulated online lately, suggesting that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on the brink of divorce or that their relationship is in trouble. However, several royal biographers, including Tom Bower and Angela Levin, have recently dismissed these rumors.

Bower, who wrote Revenge about the Duchess of Sussex, suggests that Harry is unlikely to ever leave his wife, but she may have already achieved what she set out to gain from their relationship.

Prince Harry ‘Won’t Divorce’ Meghan Markle

Bower, an investigative journalist, believes that while the 38-year-old Spare author and 41-year-old Suits alum may pursue individual career projects, any rumors of a divorce are unfounded.

In a recent interview with Ok! Magazine, Bower said, “The last thing Harry would want would be a divorce. I’m sure he doesn’t want to come back to Britain.”

Levin, the author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince, agrees that a divorce is unlikely for the couple, who have a son, Archie, 4, and a daughter, Lilibet, 2, together.

Levin suggests that while Markle may have accomplished her personal goals from their relationship, leaving her husband now could harm her public image.

During a segment on GB News, Levin said, “There are rumors coming from Meghan’s side that ‘[Harry’s] decided he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight anymore. You won’t see much of him. Meghan is used to it and she does very well, but Harry doesn’t.”

Prince Harry ‘Won’t Divorce’ Meghan Markle 2

Levin added, “This is really unpleasant, but I think it might very well be what is going on—that she’s got enough of it now and she’s had what she wants from him. She can go forward with her new PR and all the things that are going to be offered to her and love it, and Harry we will hardly see.”

Levin concluded, “But she’s not going to split with him. Of course, she won’t because if she does, she loses a lot of people’s interest because that’s what they’re really interested in. And I think it’s tragic.”


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