A priest who entered a cage full of lions to prove that God protects him

priest who entered a cage full of lions: A priest decided to demonstrate his belief in “divine protection” by locking himself in a cage with three lions, reminiscent of the biblical story of Daniel.

This religious leader even extended an invitation to his followers to witness the event at a zoo.

According to local media, the identity of the priest remains unknown, but his intention was to prove that “no harm can befall a man of God.”

The video footage shows the priest, dressed in a light blue suit, calmly interacting with roaring lions in Nigeria. He even placed his arm inside a lion’s mouth before confidently facing the camera.

The actions of the Nigerian pastor appear to be a recreation of the biblical account of Daniel, who was cast into a den of lions but emerged unscathed by the hand of God.

After the video went viral, Kenyan MP Ronald Karauri, aged 45, offered to sponsor the priest’s visit to the Maasai Mara National Reserve to replicate the daring stunt with wild lions.

priest who entered a cage full of lions
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The MP stated, “I am volunteering to take him to Maasai Mara, and I will cover all expenses. We will seek out lions, and he can interact with them.”

One local individual expressed, “I invite him to perform this feat in Maasai Mara!”

Another person commented, “Those are not lions; they are lion cubs. There is a significant difference.”

Yet another wrote amusingly, “Sure, bring my dog and lock him in there for a minute.”

Another local suggested, “He entered the lion’s cage after they had been fed.” Eric questioned, “Why were grunts added to the natural soundtrack?”

Bill remarked, “They should have taken him to encounter wild lions in Kenya’s national park; these lions were likely sedated.”

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