A woman was fired because her boss did not trust her “pregnancy brain”.

pregnancy brain: A PR manager at Press Hook has been unjustly terminated from her $120,000-a-year job in New York City after her boss made discriminatory comments about her pregnancy, citing her “pregnancy brain” as the reason.

Rachen McKnight, 37, has initiated legal proceedings against her former boss after he allegedly warned others in the company against getting pregnant, claiming that she couldn’t be trusted due to her pregnancy.

The boss, Songhi, also 37, denies these allegations and has assembled a legal team to defend himself.

Songi asserts that McKnight initially received praise after joining the company in 2021 but faced a downturn in treatment once she became pregnant. The legal battle has revealed Songhee’s intimidating demeanor towards McKnight.

When McKnight inquired about the company’s maternity leave policy, Songhee allegedly responded that they aimed to provide the minimum leave mandated by law, which is typically 12 weeks in the United States.

A woman who was fired because her boss did not trust her pregnancy brain
For rural mothers, pregnancy and childbirth pose extra challenges Scripps News / VideoElephant

McKnight disclosed that she experienced severe illness during her pregnancy, specifically reproductive emesis, but Songhee disregarded her condition. McKnight mentioned leaving a business trip early due to her illness, to which Songhee allegedly responded, “Just come on business trips when you’re having fun and can have a drink.”

Additional accusations against Songey include sharing McKnight’s pregnancy news with coworkers without her consent and accusing her of excessive doctor’s appointments.

Songey’s remark about McKnight taking a “three-month vacation” during her maternity leave reflects a dismissive and discriminatory attitude towards her career and the rights of pregnant employees.

The case highlights the importance of addressing pregnancy discrimination in the workplace and the need for supportive company cultures that respect employees’ rights, including maternity leave and fair treatment regardless of gender. Discriminatory actions such as those alleged against Songey can have a significant impact on an individual’s career and overall well-being, and they are unlawful under many jurisdictions.

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