Indianapolis police search for a dangerous monkey that escaped

police search for a dangerous monkey: Police and other authorities in Indianapolis are currently engaged in a search for a ‘dangerous’ monkey that has reportedly escaped. The monkey, named Momo, was last spotted in the eastern part of the city, although the exact time is unconfirmed based on social media posts.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, in collaboration with Animal Care Services, has been actively involved in locating the monkey in the vicinity of the 500 block of Ironridge Court, situated south of E. Washington Street and S. Mitthoefer Road, according to a report from the Indianapolis Star.

The public has been advised not to approach Momo if they encounter the animal, as it has been known to cause minor injuries. While there have been reports of such injuries, the specific origin of these injuries as being caused by a monkey bite has not been officially confirmed, as stated in a social media post by the IMPD.

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Photo by: WRTV

A photo of Momo, featuring gray/ginger fur, a long tail, and standing on all fours, has been shared, showcasing the elusive animal potentially contemplating its next move.

The source of Momo’s escape, whether it be from a private residence enclosure or otherwise, has yet to be determined.

The latest update from IMPD’s Twitter/X account states that the monkey was captured by police in a vacant home in a bathroom and returned to its home.

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