Plastic seahorses in nutrition potion, a man drank this potion for two years before he realized


Plastic seahorses in nutrition potion


Plastic seahorses in nutrition potion: Chinese people have always had the habit of drinking medicinal wine to nourish the body. Some medicinal wines are even soaked with precious medicinal materials or games, and the price fluctuates accordingly. A few days ago, a man in Guangdong, China asked a friend to buy seahorses and sea dragons, soaked them in medicated wine, and drank them for two years. He was shocked to find that the seahorses soaked in the wine were fakes made of plastic!

According to Chinese media reports, a Zhaoqing man asked a friend to buy seahorses and sea dragons from other provinces two years ago. At that time, a pair was priced at 30 yuan. However, he was not good at identifying medicinal materials and found nothing unusual. Take a bottle of “Seahorse Medicinal Wine” and soak it yourself to strengthen your body.

Exudes a strong plastic smell During the following period, he continued to drink from this bottle of “Seahorse Medicinal Wine”. It was not until recently when he finished cleaning the bottle that he revealed the shocking truth.

According to his description, when he drank up the medicinal wine and cleaned up the residue of the bottle, he found that the seahorse soaked for two years could not be broken. What shocked him even more was that when tested with a lighter, the seahorse not only shrank but also emitted a thick plastic The smell made me realize that the “seahorse” I bought was a fake.

Fortunately, the man did not feel any physical discomfort after drinking the medicinal wine, and he made the horrifying experience public afterward. He hopes to use his personal experience to remind the public to be cautious when purchasing medicinal materials to avoid buying fake and low-quality Chinese medicinal materials.


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