A man who won £1 million in a telephone lottery is planning to buy a steam train

planning to buy a steam train: A lucky man who won £1 million in the National Lottery says he plans to buy a steam train with his prize.

Part-time assistant general manager Neil Leighton, from Hereford, thought he might have been scammed when he was “aimlessly” playing the Cash Millionaire Christmas game on his phone and received a message when he had completed all his spins. Kurd who says: “Congratulations to you. “I won a million pounds.”

Mr Leighton, who was on an evening call with friends from Britain and the US at the time, said he told them he had won £1 million – and immediately left the chat.
The 24-year-old tried to call the National Lottery to confirm his win, but the phone lines were not open at that time of night, so he decided to return his previous call, announcing to friends: “I think on the date I won the national lottery by accident.

planning to buy a steam train
The part-time general manager is planning to spend cash on trains, travel and his family. (National Lottery/PA)

He said: “They were very happy for me, although there were a lot of jokes that only I could win a million pounds by accident.

“We stayed up until the early hours discussing the event and doing a bit of internet searching and looking at houses and holidays that I could now go on.”

He decided to break the news to his family the next day after confirming the prize with lottery officials.

She said: “I walked in and my mum and dad both joked I look so happy, what have I bought?

“When I told them I’d bought something, a National Lottery win, and I’d won a million pounds, mum screamed, used some colorful language, and then I was convinced it was a scam.”

The new millionaire said he’s in no rush to spend his prize money, but as a train fan, he might consider buying his steam train one day.

won lottery is planning to buy a steam train 1
National Lottery/PA)

“I’ve been fascinated by them ever since my grandfather took me to see the first steam train when I was three,” he said.

It started with Thomas the Tank Engine and to be honest, I never grew out of it.

“Now, if I’m not visiting the railway, I’m busy writing and filming my own Thomas the Tank Engine story to share online, or collaborating with Thomas fans around the world on future projects.

So, at the top of the shopping list is my own home, where I can have a rehearsal room, a space full of trains, and another room to film and edit Thomas’ content.
“Maybe one day, if I’m wise with this win, I’ll trade the train room for my steam train.”

He doesn’t plan to quit his job, but he wants to travel, take driving lessons and treat his family.

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