Pickpocketing on the plane from a Thai tourist, the witness was waiting to help the police to arrest the pickpocket


Pickpocketing on the plane from a Thai tourist


Pickpocketing on the plane from a Thai tourist: What should you do if you encounter a pickpocket while traveling by plane? A Thai netizen shared on Facebook the story of how he “waited and waited” to catch a thief on a flight to Hong Kong. He worked with the crew and the local police to successfully capture the pickpocket.

Thai netizen Kanya Chumsana posted on the Facebook group “HONG KONG MODE” on Sunday (December 24) that she and her friends took a flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Hong Kong on the 27th of last month.

At that time, they were sitting in the middle and window seats of row 41 at the rear of the cabin, while a middle-aged man was sitting near the aisle.

The post pointed out that a friend sitting in the middle seat revealed to her that the man next to her was sitting closer and closer and raising his feet very high, which made her friend feel very uncomfortable. When his friend left the table and asked to change seats, he seemed very dissatisfied, which aroused Kanya’s suspicion, and began to pay attention to his behavior.

Pickpocketing on the plane from a Thai tourist-1
The unknown man got closer and closer, causing the victim’s friend to feel uncomfortable. (Picture: HONG KONG MODE Facebook group)

Kanya said that the cabin lights were turned off after the plane took off. The man then took out a bag from the suitcase and placed it in the middle space between him and Kanya. After rummaging with trembling hands, he took out something from the bag. Put the bag back into place.

The man then found himself being watched by Kanya, and the two sides confronted each other for nearly 20 minutes. Finally, the person sitting in the 42nd row behind and the owner of the bag took out a pen from the bag and handed it to Kanya.

Kanya immediately wrote the words “suspected pickpocket” in English on the entry form, and handed it to the cabin attendant while the cabin crew was collecting garbage; the owner secretly reported the incident to the cabin crew at the same time.

Pickpocketing on the plane from a Thai tourist-2
Thai netizen Kanya Chumsana told the police what happened. (HONG KONG MODE Facebook group)


After the flight arrived at Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok Airport, the airline reported the case to the police. The police boarded the plane 15 to 20 minutes later and successfully took away the pickpocket.

Kanya later discovered that the items the man stole were money, so she called on everyone to pay careful attention to their personal belongings when traveling especially valuables.

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