Personality test of choosing a love window, by choosing one of the windows, find out if you are afraid of falling in love or not


Personality test of choosing a love window


Personality test of choosing a love window: Develop this exercise and discover for yourself whether or not you are afraid to give yourself a chance in love. How is this area of your life?

Love is one of the areas in life that is important, whether it is your own or the one you feel for another person since a lot of security is needed in both cases, but what happens when you are afraid to open the doors from your heart? This personality test will tell you.

Many times the mental tests that social networks address are really precise, and this case is no exception since it has managed to obtain good acceptance from those who dared to develop it.

Which window do you prefer?

Concentrate and visualize very well the following image presented in this viral exercise, only then will you be able to realize which window you would look out at the street from your home. Just keep one!


Personality test of choosing a love window-1
image source: Tiempo MX











Remember that the most important thing here is that you are 100% sincere with your answer and above all, that you do not get distracted, since you could lose the opportunity to find out even the smallest part of yourself in the interesting evaluation.

Answered Personality test of choosing a love window


What does your decision mean?


You are someone with a lot of autonomy and you think that no one has yet managed to achieve more in life, quite the opposite. You are not afraid of falling in love, but you are afraid of failing in the attempt.


The fear you feel for the love of a partner is real. The truth is that you have been disappointed so many times that you just want to live alone and move forward on your own, you refuse to have feelings for anyone else.


You feel like it’s the perfect time to find love, but when you give it the chance, things don’t go the way you want. You are a perfectionist and someone with decision-making power who knows what you want, which is why you do not let yourself be carried away by any situation.


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