Personality test by choosing a Christmas candle, show what you value more in your life?


Personality test by choosing a Christmas candle


Personality test by choosing a Christmas candle: If you want to try to get to know yourself more, then you are in the right place. Test yourself right now with this viral test!

Personality tests have become the favorites of thousands of Internet users, who are looking for answers to their questions. Therefore, we present one of the most viral exams on social networks.

During Christmas, it is essential to identify what matters emotionally. Therefore, we bring you a new test circulating on the Internet. Explore it and let yourself be surprised!

Which Christmas candle do you prefer?

The only thing you will have to do in the next evaluation is try to focus on the candles you will see, there are six of each type of Christmas flame, but your goal is to keep only one. You can?


Personality test by choosing a Christmas candle-1
image source: Radio Mitre










When you have finished choosing, then now comes the most interesting part, which is discovering what that image that caught your attention the most has to tell you.

Answered Personality test by choosing a Christmas candle


What do Christmas candles mean?

Candle 1:

It means that emotions and feelings are the most fundamental thing for you. The love and affection you get from your family, friends, and partner motivates you every day and inspires you to be a better person.

Candle 2:

You are the kind of person who loves to work all the time and even hates having days off. This is how you neglect your friends and family, but you are the best at the job they have.

Candle 3:

This wants to tell you that you must look for new challenges to be able to act despite the fear that arises when you face the possibility of failure or rejection, what is most relevant to you in your life will always be success, so the fear of losing stalks you

Candle 4:

What you value most is quality time with your partner. There is no more powerful message you can send to someone you love than focusing your attention solely on them, even though there are always a million other things that need your attention.

Candle 5:

You know perfectly well what you want and you don’t stop until you achieve it, since your determination is what prevails in these cases, what matters most to you throughout your life will be the perseverance you put into things.

Candle 6:

Something that you can never go unnoticed is the love for your family, you know that that is what you will never forget because you feel indebted to everyone for having taken care of you in the most complicated moments. The appreciation for your family endures.

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