Passenger Swallows Glass in Iced Coffee on Korean Air Flight, Airline Faces Criticism


Passenger Swallows Glass in Iced Coffee on Korean Air Flight


Passenger Swallows Glass in Iced Coffee on Korean Air Flight: Passengers are urged to be cautious and pay attention to the contents of their cups when enjoying in-flight beverages, such as iced coffee or drinks. A disappointed South Korean passenger recently returned home from Guangzhou, China, on a Korean Air flight at the beginning of this month.
He casually drank his iced coffee, unaware of anything unusual until he felt an abnormal sensation in his mouth. To his surprise, he realized that he had swallowed shards of glass and immediately rushed to the restroom to induce vomiting.

According to the “Korea JoongAng Daily,” the South Korean passenger recently complained to the newspaper, stating that he had returned to Incheon International Airport in South Korea on September 1st after flying from Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, on a Korean Air flight.
After the meal service, the airline provided a cup of iced coffee. However, when he took a sip, he noticed something was wrong because there were foreign objects between his lips and mouth. He spat out the foreign objects and discovered they were sharp glass fragments measuring over 0.5 centimeters long and 0.1 centimeters thick.

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After confirmation by flight attendants, it was indeed determined that the passenger had ingested glass fragments mixed in the iced coffee. It was initially suspected that the glass cup used to hold the iced coffee had shattered, resulting in the presence of glass shards.

Following instructions, the passenger went to the restroom to induce vomiting, expelling the delicious in-flight meal he had just consumed into the toilet bowl.
Although no abnormal symptoms were reported after returning to South Korea, considering the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival holiday and the expected increase in passenger numbers, it is necessary to remain vigilant.
Therefore, the passenger requested that the airline proactively inform the media about the incident and develop a plan of action.

However, Korean Air declined the proposal from the affected passenger and only compensated him for medical expenses and provided a voucher worth 100,000 Korean won.
They also stated their intention to investigate and hold accountable the downstream supplier responsible for the in-flight meal and onboard products on the Guangzhou-bound flight.

Recalling the incident, the passenger said, “When I was inducing vomiting in the airplane restroom, I thought I was going to die! Even the passenger sitting next to me looked concerned. After returning home, I continued to vomit for two days.
Although the cabin manager promised me that this was a serious matter and would be reported to the company, the airline didn’t even bother to make an apology phone call.”

A Korean Air representative responded, “We have already apologized to the passenger and compensated him for medical expenses and a discount voucher. To prevent similar cases from happening, we have thoroughly investigated the incident with the in-flight meal supplier.

In the future, we will enhance the inspection process to ensure the integrity of the in-flight meal utensils, including strengthening visual inspections before providing beverage service to the cabin.”

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