The CEO responds to the film’s painful film after the viral firing

painful film after the viral firing: The CEO of Cloudflare has responded after a woman’s film that recorded a moment of her work.

The viral clip entitled “POV: You’re Fired” was sent by Britney Pittash – who had worked as an account manager for three and a half months.

Cloudflare provides “security and performance of millions of internet features”, and its CEO Matthew Prince has since commented on the “painful” clip.

Instead of his manager, Pittash was informed of the news that had been fired by his human resources executives, who had never met before.
“These 10, 15 minutes meetings are very easy for you, tell someone they are fired, they will completely ruin their lives, and then without any explanation – this is for this Is highly harmful. People if you can imagine this. ”

painful film after the viral firing
Brittany Pietsch

One of them said to him in the video, “I don’t think at this moment or today, Britain say something we can say, it makes the way you feel change. Again, understandable, I note I get feedback. We’ll be back. ”
Since this video was posted online, Prince has responded to this video on Twitter/X.

He wrote: “We shot 40 pounds of the seller from more than 1,500 people in the organ to our market. This is a quarter of normal. When we properly manage performance, we can often be within 3 months or less of a rental, Even during the holidays, whether they are successful or not, say. Unfortunately, we are not fully hired. We try to get completely fired.

“This movie is painful to watch me. Managers should always be involved. HR should be involved, but it should not be outsourced to them, no employee should be surprised that they were not running. We’re not right. ”

Brittany Pietsch

Prince also said, “Sometimes sedentary employees do not listen to feedback before we leave them.”

“Chris Paul was good for the sun, but he is a great basketball player, and we think the right thing to know is that people know it is unlikely as soon as possible.” To succeed so they can find the right place for them. We weren’t close to the perfect. ”
Prince also said the company will change the way people will be fired in the future.

“Every healthy citadel should get people who don’t get out of work. Here’s not wrong. This was not as kind to us. And that is Zatlyn (Michel Zattin – Coo from Cloudflare) and I I have focused on improvement ahead. ”

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