Outcry and Controversy Surrounding Animal Abuse Incidents in China Spark Calls for Stricter Laws and Enforcement


Outcry and Controversy Surrounding Animal Abuse Incidents


Outcry and Controversy Surrounding Animal Abuse Incidents: After a girl in Chengdu, Sichuan province was severely injured by a dog bite on the 16th, there have been large-scale efforts to catch and even forcibly seize cats and dogs in various parts of China.

Incidents of animal abuse, including cruelty to dogs and cats and even attempts at slaughter, have been reported. Some members of the public and celebrities have voiced their opposition, with some even holding signs in front of Beijing subway stations calling for the rescue of cats and dogs.

According to information from Chinese websites and media reports, a 2-year-old girl in a community in Chongzhou City, under the jurisdiction of Chengdu, was severely injured by an unattended Rottweiler on the 16th. She is still being treated in the ICU and is not yet out of danger.

After this incident was reported by the media, many places in China announced strengthened management of dogs and cats within their jurisdiction and conducted inspections of pet dogs owned by the public.

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Some areas also cracked down on violations such as walking dogs without leashes. At the same time, many places launched aggressive campaigns to catch stray cats and dogs. However, while implementing these measures, some deviations have emerged.

According to information circulating online in China and overseas, in addition to the widespread capture of stray dogs in many places, a stray dog in the Chongqing Technology and Business University was driven away and killed by security personnel on the 17th for chasing students, causing strong.

dissatisfaction among the students. Around the same time, a security guard at the Liaoning Advertising Vocational College also captured and hanged a stray dog, triggering a similar outrage. Afterward, these two security personnel were suspended and dismissed, respectively.

Furthermore, in Wanghe Community, the central district of Leshan City, Sichuan Province, on the 18th, several members of the community forcibly entered residences and forcibly took out pet dogs owned by residents, considering them stray dogs, using rough methods. This has caused anger and strong questioning online.

In Yunshang Xuefu, Qiantang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on the 20th, a landlord forcibly entered a tenant’s residence and killed and dismembered two legally registered pet dogs. The tenant reported the incident to the police but was refused registration, citing “insufficient evidence.”

On the other hand, according to reports from The Paper, people in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, recently discovered a coffin holding many trapped cats, emitting cries and whimpering.
After waiting for several days, the public intercepted a truck carrying these cats and reported the incident, rescuing more than 1,000 cats from being slaughtered. However, some netizens pointed out that there is a resurgence of cat abusers hiding throughout China.

In response to these incidents of animal abuse, Chinese celebrities such as Liu Yase, Yang Di, and Xue Zhiqian, as well as Taiwanese artist Chen Qiao En, have recently voiced their pleas to save cats and dogs. Xue Zhiqian even changed the lyrics of one of his songs during his concert to “please spare the cats and dogs.”

In addition, two young women held signs with cat and dog patterns in front of the crowded exit of the Nanluoguxiang subway station in Beijing on the afternoon of the 21st, calling for Chinese society to oppose animal abuse and “respect all lives.” They also demanded the enactment of an “anti-animal abuse law,” attracting a lot of attention from passersby and receiving numerous likes and support online.

However, there are still some netizens on Chinese social media who are indifferent to the calls for animal protection. Some directly ask why these animal protection advocates are not speaking out for the girl, while others say, “These celebrities and animal lovers should donate money and adopt animals first before talking about animal protection.”

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