Our Blooming Youth Episode 20: Release Date, Time, and Countdown

Our Blooming Youth Episode 20: Fans of the popular South Korean television series Our Blooming Youth are eagerly anticipating the release of Episode 20. The show, which premiered on February 6, 2023, has already gained a massive following, with fans eagerly waiting for each new episode.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 20

The release date and time for Our Blooming Youth Episode 20 have been confirmed: it will be aired on April 11, 2023. The countdown to the release of the episode has already begun, with just six days left until its release.

The cast of Our Blooming Youth includes Park Hyung-sik as Lee Hwan, Jeon So-nee as Min Jae-yi, Pyo Ye-jin as Ga-ram, Yoon Jong-seok as Han Seong-on, Lee Tae-sun as Kim Myung-jin, Jo Sung-ha as Han Jung-eon, and Son Byung-ho as Kim An-jik.

The show’s plot revolves around Min Jae Yi, a young woman falsely accused of causing the death of her family. She meets Lee Hwan, a lonely crown prince who offers to help her break a secret curse in exchange for her assistance. The two fall in love as they work together to overcome the challenges they face.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 20 Overview


Name of the SeasonOur Blooming Youth
Episode NumberEpisode 20
GenrePeriod Drama and Romance
Our Blooming Youth Initial Release DateFebruary 6, 2023
Our Blooming Youth Episode 17 Release DateApril 3, 2023
Our Blooming Youth Episode 18 Release DateApril 4, 2023
Our Blooming Youth Episode 19 Release DateApril 10, 2023
Our Blooming Youth Episode 20 Release DateApril 11, 2023
Number of SeasonsSeason 1
NOD6 days

Our Blooming Youth Season 1 will have 20 episodes, each packed with suspenseful and thrilling twists. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of Episode 20 since the last episode aired, and the anticipation is only growing.

Mark your calendars for April 11, 2023, to catch the release of Our Blooming Youth Episode 20. With such a gripping plot and talented cast, it’s no wonder the show has become one of the most trending series right now.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 20 Cast

Park Hyung-sik as Lee Hwan

Jeon So-nee as Min Jae-yi

Pyo Ye-jin as Ga-ram

Yoon Jong-seok as Han Seong-on

Lee Tae-sun as Kim Myung-jin

Jo Sung-ha as Han Jung-eon

Son Byung-ho as Kim An-jik

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