A woman was fined only $5 for sexually assaulting a male passenger during a flight

only $5 for sexually assaulting: A ‘drunk’ airline passenger has been fined $5 for allegedly sexually assaulting a male passenger.

2023 has certainly been a year of countless air dramas, and all of these events have been caught on camera.
But an incident in the air has sparked countless debates, with reports that a woman attempted to rape a man with force in front of fellow passengers and staff.

The 29-year-old man was flying from Antalya to Venokuv Airport when the incident was said to have occurred. According to reports, the male passenger sitting next to her repeatedly tried to push her away but she continued.
When staff intervened, the woman was pulled away from the man and a staff member protected her.

only $5 for sexually assaulting

Further reports claim that he tried to harm members of the flight crew, smoked cigarettes, and tried to bribe a staff member with $100 to keep quiet.
When they refused and put the money in the bin, he emptied the bin on the floor to find his money.

Despite being greeted by officers at the airport and cheered by passengers as she exited the plane, the woman reportedly had no regrets, telling BAZA media: “Everything was fine. I had a good time on the plane. Well, this A little more than that.”
He has since claimed he was fined 500 rubles [about £5] for the incident.

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