Napoleon’s two-horned hat breaks record in Osenat auction


Napoleon’s two-horned hat breaks record in Osenat auction


Napoleon’s two-horned hat breaks record in Osenat auction: A black beaver hat worn by Napoleon was auctioned at the OSENAT auction house at the Palace of Fontainebleau in the suburbs of Paris and was finally sold for 1.932 million euros. The auction house did not disclose the identity or nationality of the buyer.

Napoleon was a famous French military strategist, politician, and reformer who served as the First Consul of the Republic and Emperor of the Empire.

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Agence France-Presse reported that Napoleon owned about 120 bicorn hats, and it is said that only 16 are left, some of which are in private collections. However, Osner Auction House said that in the opinion of experts, the hat to be auctioned is truly a “holy grail hat”.

The bid for the bicorn hat on Sunday (November 19) was 1.932 million euros higher, breaking the record price of a Napoleon hat of 1.884 million euros sold by the same auction house in 2014.

Jean-Pierre Osenat, head of the Osenat auction house, told the media that the sales volume of the Nice entrepreneur’s collection far exceeded the auction price estimated by the auction house.

In addition to the bicorn hat, other items belonging to the emperor were also auctioned that day, such as personal stamps, official wallets, shirts worn by the emperor on St. Helena, cufflinks, handkerchiefs, spurs, etc. But the hat up for auction is truly a “holy grail hat.”

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