Mold on the manicured nails of a British woman happened after 2 months of not removing the manicure gel from the nails.


Mold on the manicured nails of a British woman


Mold on the manicured nails of a British woman: A British female college student failed to remove the gel manicure extensions for 2 months. As a result, she discovered green mold spots on her real nails 2 months later. She was so frightened that she immediately went to the pharmacy to buy medicine. However, the situation did not improve, leaving her unsure of what to do.

Phoebe, who is currently studying at a business school, shared a video on TikTok. In October 2022, she spent US$30 on a manicure, but the manicurist suggested that she extend the time when she gets a new style next time. Leave the nail on and cover it with plastic again.

When Phoebe removed her manicure two months later, she discovered that there were green mold spots on the nails of 10 of her fingers. She was so frightened that she immediately rushed to the pharmacy to buy medicine and apply it; however, there was no improvement after applying various ointments. , and finally, she decided to grow her nails longer and then cut off the moldy areas.

Phoebe said she wanted to cure her nail problem.
“Although it doesn’t hurt at all, it looks really dirty. Many of my friends often laugh at my moldy nails. Many people may think I’m dirty when they see my hands, but I wash my hands very often.”

After seeing the video, many netizens suggested that Phoebe go to the hospital for treatment quickly and stop applying medicine randomly. They also told her that she might be suffering from “green nail syndrome” or chloronychia infection.

After this lesson, she also appealed to everyone to remove their nails regularly and keep them dry and healthy.

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