Melania Trump Is Furious After Donald Broke a Major Family Promise

Sources say Melania Trump is “seething with fury” after her husband Donald Trump recently posted a photoshopped image of their son Barron on social media. The image showed a fake depiction of Barron debating President Joe Biden. Insiders claim Donald broke a promise to Melania to protect their son from public exploitation.

Melania has reportedly been very protective of keeping Barron, age 17, away from the spotlight. The recent social media post apparently went against Donald’s assurance that he would shield Barron from unwanted attention. The timing of the post is also said to have angered Melania, as Donald currently faces four indictments that have put the family under public scrutiny.

In addition, a Chicago woman was recently arrested for allegedly threatening in an email to shoot Donald and Barron. So the social media image has allegedly made Melania livid given the current climate.

Melania and Donald have one son together, Barron. Donald has four other children from previous marriages – Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and Tiffany. Insiders suggest Melania is upset Donald broke his promise to protect Barron, their youngest child, from public exploitation. Some even speculate this could lead Melania to file for divorce


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