Introducing the ARCHAX: A Real-Life Mecha Robot Inspired by Japanese Culture

Mecha Robot Inspired by Japanese Culture


Mecha Robot Inspired by Japanese Culture: The ARCHAX, a 4.5-meter-tall mecha robot created by the Japanese company Tsubame Industry, can be purchased for 400 million yen ($2.75 million). If you grew up watching Gundam anime or playing video games like Armored Core or Titanfall, you may have dreamed of piloting a giant mecha. Thanks to Tsubame Industry, that dream can now become a reality, as long as you can afford it. The small Japanese startup recently unveiled its latest product, the ARCHAX, a pilotable robot inspired by Japanese mecha culture.

Standing at an impressive height of 4.5 meters and weighing approximately 3.5 tons, this real-life mecha is powered by a 300V battery. It has the ability to switch from a standing mode to a drivable mode, reaching a top speed of 10 kilometers per hour. However, to experience the thrill of piloting the ARCHAX, one must be willing to invest an estimated 400 million yen ($2.75 million).

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The ARCHAX, named after the flying dinosaur Archeopteryx, was showcased through a series of videos released by Tsubame Industry. The company also announced plans to present a working version at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 in November. The mecha is expected to hit the market in about a year. Tsubame Industry primarily aims to target wealthy foreign billionaires as potential customers due to the high price tag associated with the product.

The main chassis of the ARCHAX is constructed using an iron and aluminum alloy, while the outer shell is predominantly made of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). Despite the appearance of a large camera on the head, it serves purely decorative purposes. In reality, the pilot maneuvering the ARCHAX will rely on footage captured by 26 different cameras located throughout the mecha, which will be displayed on monitors within the cockpit. The control panel resembles that of construction machinery and consists of two joysticks, pedals, and a touchscreen. Interestingly, the ARCHAX can also be operated remotely.

In stand-up mode, the ARCHAX can move at a speed of 2 km/h, which increases to 10 km/h in drive mode. Although it may not replicate the airborne maneuvers seen in video games, it provides more mobility than simply remaining stationary. The mecha can tilt forward up to 20 degrees in stand-up mode and 30 degrees in drive mode to prevent tipping over. If these limits are

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