Match stick and square mental challenge, can you make three squares in 6 seconds just by moving three matches?

Match stick and square mental challenge: Next, you’ll have the chance to solve one of the most fun mental exercises on social media to set a new record.

Various visual puzzles have become classics, passed down from generation to generation. And one of these mental exercises is that of matches, which is now spread through social networks.

In moments of leisure, someone decides to test their cunning and intelligence with these challenges. If you are one of them, we invite you to play this EXPERT LEVEL logical game.

Match stick and square mental challenge


Move ONLY three matches to form three squares
To solve this classic visual puzzle, you will have to carefully examine the image that we will present to you below. Your task will be to create three squares with just three movements in 6 seconds. But it will not be as simple as you think, because you will have to follow some rules:

Splitting matches are not allowed.
The three resulting squares must be the same size.
Each match must be part of one of the squares.
If you feel ready to take on the mental exercise, then don’t wait any longer and start your stopwatch. We trust your cognitive abilities!

The solution to the classic visual puzzle
The time allotted to solve the mental exercise is over! If you managed to create the three squares by JUST moving three matches, CONGRATULATIONS. TODAY you showed that your mind is very agile.

Match stick and square mental challenge-1
image source: Genial Gurú











Answered Match stick and square mental challenge


If you didn’t succeed, check out the correct answer and practice with other visual puzzles to get better at these challenges. Next, we will share the detailed solution: you had to move two matches from the upper left quadrant and only one from the lower right.

Match stick and square mental challenge-2
image source: Genial Gurú


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