Martha Stewart, 81, Shares Her Secrets to Timeless Beauty!

Martha Stewart Shares Her Secrets to Timeless Beauty: Martha Stewart began her career as a model before becoming a successful TV personality, businesswoman, and writer. She modeled for well-known brands such as Chanel and Unilever, earning $50 an hour while in college. Today, Martha Stewart’s youthful appearance continues to impress her followers, and she occasionally shares snippets of her daily life. Her followers often ask her how she maintains her youthful look, and we went on an adventure to find out what she does to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A Timeline of Martha Stewart's Most Iconic Moments
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Discipline is a crucial aspect of Martha Stewart’s daily routine

which begins at the crack of dawn. She applies a face mask of any kind and leaves it on for one hour while taking her four dogs on a morning walk. After cleansing her face, she uses various serums and creams to nourish her skin. Stewart never leaves the house without applying sunscreen, which has been proven to slow down skin aging. To make things easier, she mixes her favorite SPF with her foundation and even applies it to her earlobes. As a former model, Stewart learned how to do her own makeup since there were no makeup artists at hand back then. She prefers to keep her makeup simple and natural, often skipping eyeshadow and focusing on blush.

To maintain her healthy complexion, Stewart regularly gets massages and facial treatments. One rule she never breaks is removing her makeup before going to bed. Her go-to product for removing makeup is baby oil, which she highly recommends.

Martha Stewart
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Martha Stewart prioritizes healthy habits

starting her day by drinking a special green juice made with fresh fruits and vegetables from her garden and greenhouse. She believes that this juice is the secret to maintaining healthy skin and hair. Although she receives many food products from various brands, she prefers to keep her meals light. One of her favorite lunches is a tuna salad made with Italian tuna canned in olive oil, fresh celery, crisp apple, half a shallot, “lots of lemon juice,” just “a little bit of mayo,” and salt and pepper. Stewart doesn’t keep any snacks in her house and doesn’t indulge in snacking.

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Martha Stewart is a big fan of adding movement to her daily life

Despite her busy schedule, she prioritizes her fitness by working out daily in her fully-equipped home gym and taking regular Pilates classes every other day. Stewart believes that doing what brings her happiness is crucial for her overall wellness. She enjoys riding her horses, even in cold weather, to keep her mind sharp. She also likes doing crossword puzzles, playing cards, and learning something new as often as possible.

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