Marjorie Taylor Greene Doubles Down on Ambition to Be Trump’s 2024 Running Mate

Though Donald Trump has yet to decide on a potential 2024 running mate, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has made no secret of her desire for the role. In a recent interview, the staunch MAGA Republican initially deflected when asked if she hopes to be Trump’s VP pick.

Greene claimed her focus is serving her Georgia district and the people who elected her. But when pressed further, she admitted she would seriously consider the opportunity and “would be honored” if asked.

Former Trump aide Steve Bannon has noted Greene is actively working behind the scenes to position herself as Trump’s running mate. He described her as ambitious and strategic in pursuing the goal, unafraid of short-term backlash from her supporters.

Bannon believes Greene sees herself on Trump’s short list after the adroit political maneuvers she displayed to help elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker.

Some speculate the outspoken styles of Trump and Greene could clash on a presidential ticket. But Bannon thinks Greene has shown the discipline and shrewdness Trump may want alongside him for an intense White House fight in 2024.


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