Man at club tells woman he’s looking at her boyfriend after asking her not to stare

Man woman gym boyfriend TikTok: TikTok star Sir Carter was prompted to respond aggressively after a woman at a gym stopped him mid-workout and asked him not to stare at her.

In a video shared on Dec. 20 that has been viewed more than 10 million times, titled “Girl, You Don’t Have The Right Facilities,” Carter shows her working out with her headphones on and swapping. Look and smile at the woman who uses the device next to her.

The pleasantries were unintended, however, as the woman soon turned to him and said, “Hey, excuse me, I’d appreciate it if you’d stop staring at me.”

Without missing a beat, Carter had the perfect response to this rather blunt response to an innocuous interaction. He said: Girl, if there is a problem, I will look after your boyfriend.

Man woman gym boyfriend TikTok

In a separate segment of his video, which was filmed in his car, Carter added that after the interaction, the woman’s boyfriend came up to him and asked if he could see her at the end of practice.

As you can guess, the video has since gone viral and people are amazed at Carter’s quick thinking and improvisation to shut down the situation in one instance.

One person wrote: “If I look anything at your boyfriend… he shut up.”

“Oh he better watch his men,” added the latter.

A third said: This is bravery for me, like bragging, now you will lose your man.

Even TikTok Gym commentator Joey Sowell had an interesting reaction, as he just laughed and said he wouldn’t touch that one.

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