Encouraging a man to take the virginity of a terminally ill friend

man takes terminally ill friend’s virginity: A man has been praised for fulfilling a best friend’s wish and taking her virginity before she succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer.

The anonymous Reddit user, a 31-year-old single man, wrote in a post a year after his friend’s death that they had been together for six years.

“He told us he didn’t want to do chemotherapy again, so he decided to enjoy the time he had left,” she said. Before that, he was also kind of a homebody who was only close to a small group of friends, which was us.

“One night when we were all drinking, she admitted to me that she was still a virgin, but she didn’t want to lose it to any stranger – least of all someone she trusted before she left.
“That person was me. He didn’t force me to do something I didn’t want, he asked, but he was willing to let it go and pretend it never happened if I didn’t choose to.

man takes terminally ill friend's virginity
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The man went on to reveal that they booked a hotel room and made fake candles to make it “extra special” and “more romantic”.

“[It was] the first time I had sex with someone I liked but wasn’t in love with if that makes sense. It was still a very intense experience – not in a bad way, just a lot of emotion.

“Even though he seemed so happy to lose his virginity to someone he trusted, part of me wonders if I took advantage of it. If I was wrong to say yes.
“It’s just hard because I miss him so much. But I’m still happy that I got to at least give him something before he goes.”

Commenters were quick to reassure her that she had done the right thing, as her post garnered more than 28,000 upvotes when it was first uploaded two years ago.

The man took to Reddit to get the admission off his chest. Credit: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

One wrote: “This is a beautiful, beautiful story, man. You did it right by him. I’m sorry for your loss, she sounded like an amazing woman.
“I think you did a great job. He wanted to experience something with someone he cared about and that’s exactly what you did.

A third answered: I’m sorry he died and I’m also sorry you lost him, but you put him in a better position than most people, and you were one of the only people in the world who could have done that for him.

“Most people look back on their ‘firsts’ and think, ‘Wow, that’s silly.’ At least he should do it with a real friend.”

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