A Remarkable Survival Story: Man Struck by Lightning Twice in Five Minutes


Man Struck by Lightning Twice


Man Struck by Lightning Twice: A Chinese man is incredibly fortunate to have survived being struck by lightning twice in less than five minutes. The likelihood of being struck by lightning during one’s lifetime is approximately 1-in-15,300, making the chances of being struck twice even more improbable. Despite the saying that lightning never strikes the same place twice, Liu Nan experienced the extraordinary when lightning struck him twice within a span of just five minutes.

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image source: dimsumdaily

Last month, during a thunderstorm in Zunyi, China’s Guizhou Province, Liu Nan found himself outside his home. Suddenly, he witnessed a white light before losing consciousness and collapsing to the ground. The shocking event repeated itself moments later, leaving Liu Nan dazed once again. Upon regaining consciousness for the second time, Liu Nan found his wife and children overwhelmed with fear as he lay on the ground.

Recognizing that he had been struck by lightning, he urgently called for an ambulance. At the local hospital, doctors confirmed that Liu Nan had not only been struck by lightning once, but twice, resulting in third-degree burns on his feet, waist, and buttocks. Liu Nan recounted, “I was immediately knocked unconscious, and it took a few moments for me to regain consciousness. Then, the light appeared again, and I was struck while lying on the ground. Although I felt the electric shock, I was unaware that the entire ground was electrified.”

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image source: dimsumdaily

Lightning strikes often cause severe damage to the victim’s skin, and Liu Nan’s case was no exception. He continues to struggle with third-degree burns, which have not yet healed, even after a month of his miraculous survival. Thankfully, his condition is now stable, and he can consider himself fortunate to be alive.



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