A man gambles $5 in Las Vegas and wins $10 million

man gambles and wins $10 million: A man recently lived the Vegas dream after walking into a casino with just $5 and walking out with $10.1 million.

This is what gamblers fantasize about, and it is this dream that keeps many of them coming back to the casinos time and time again.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the person who managed to land one of the biggest wins in Vegas in recent memory, but we do know that they managed to crack a notoriously difficult slot machine.

According to IGT Jackpots, the unknown player appeared and went to the Megabucks slot machine at Aria.
The stars aligned for the player and he walked away with an incredible $10.1 million from this little bet.

A man gambles $5 in Las Vegas and wins $10 million
California visitor hits $10 million jackpot at Las Vegas Strip casino (Photo: IGT Jackpots on Twitter)

Not bad for a $5 flip, right?
Of course, the chances of winning such a victory are very low. According to OnlineGambling.com, since the machine was first installed in 2005, only 20 people have become multi-millionaires thanks to Megabucks slot machines.

Of course, when it comes to gambling in Las Vegas, things don’t always go according to plan – and the stories aren’t so uplifting.

In fact, in one recent disturbing story, a man admitted to lying about terminal cancer in order to raise money to enter a poker tournament.

man gambles and wins $10 million

The Las Vegas World Series of Poker is said to cost around $10,000 and the highest buy-in event is a staggering $250,000 for the Super High Roller.

In total, the man defrauded thousands of people, he later admitted to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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