Low monthly salaries for cleaning penguin waste, but this job has many applicants with the harsh conditions of Antarctica


Low monthly salaries for cleaning penguin waste


Low monthly salaries for cleaning penguin waste: The British Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) recently announced a high-profile vacancy. They are recruiting four new members to serve as employees of the “Penguin Post Office” on the small Antarctic island. The main job is to be responsible for counting hundreds of animals on the island. Penguin count and cleaning up.

The “Penguin Post Office” in Port Lockroy, Antarctica, is an island the size of a football field surrounded by hundreds of penguins, an 80-year-old site, and a museum. From November to March of the following year, UKAHT will select four “postmasters” to go there and be responsible for counting the number of penguins and cleaning up penguin droppings.

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Despite difficult conditions, job seekers still flock to
However, the job isn’t all about playing in the snow or interacting with penguins. Because these four postmasters have to live in Iceland, their living conditions are extremely difficult. Not only do they have to live in a small hotel and share a bathroom, but there is no running water in the area, so they can only take a shower when a passenger ship docks.

In addition, these candidates will have to adapt to life without internet or mobile phones for up to five months, while helping to run the post office and gift shop, maintain the museum, handle approximately 80,000 letters from visitors, conduct wildlife monitoring, and monitor the penguin population. environmental data collection.

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Salaries for this job range from approximately £1,260 to £1,800 (approximately RM7,454 to RM10,649). Despite its harsh working conditions, it remains extremely popular. Hundreds of people apply for this position every year.

UKAHT says it is looking for healthy, adaptable individuals who enjoy socializing with people and hosting visitors. Although the job is challenging, successful applicants will have the opportunity to experience a unique life in extreme environments and participate in protecting the natural environment of the Antarctic region.

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