Little Rescue Dog image difference test, can you find 3 image differences within 6 seconds?

Little Rescue Dog image difference test: In today’s video difference test, you will have the opportunity to check one of the most challenging visual games on the Internet. Can you set a new record?

Your friends at the Galgooli magazine allow you to explore a new visual challenge that promises to end your boredom in no time. Do you want to participate in this new case? If your answer is yes, we wish you good luck so that you don’t fail on the first attempt.

Solving these types of visual or mental challenges has many benefits for people, such as improving visual ability, avoiding fatigue, keeping the brain active, testing patience, and developing analytical skills in just a few seconds.

Little Rescue Dog image difference test


Challenge: Where are the 3 differences in the image of the rescue dog?

What will be your mission in this extreme game? Here you can see a small dog walking through the streets of his city, but there are differences that only people with excellent vision can find their place in the allotted time to increase the difficulty level.

In the next step, try to find 3 differences within 7 seconds and show that you are an expert by solving the most complex ones. If you are unsuccessful, here the case is solved and we provide you with a brief explanation so that you do not doubt.

Little Rescue Dog image difference test-1
image source: Dumapp









Were you able to find all 3 differences in the picture of the rescue dog Little? If the answer is no, don’t worry, check the solved case below.

Answered Little Rescue Dog image difference test


Answer: What you were looking for can be found in the suitcase that the little dog carries on its back, in the windows and roofs of the houses surrounding the pet.

Little Rescue Dog image difference test-2
image source: Dumapp


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