Lauren Mellor’s Top 6 SI Swimsuit Bodypaint Photos!

Model Lauren Mellor delivered two standout features for the 2014 SI Swimsuit Issue. She posed on the beaches of St. Lucia and also worked with makeup artist Joanne Gair on an incredible bodypaint shoot.

Mellor wore a painted-on glittering gold swimsuit inspired by swimsuit legend Kathy Ireland’s iconic 1990 SI feature. Gair meticulously painted sequins on Mellor’s body before adding gems for realism.

On location, Mellor called the long but exciting paint-and-shoot day “really lucky.” She looked forward to seeing the final images.

Now 37, Mellor continues modeling and is a proud mom. She previously worked with brands like Agent Provocateur and Freya Swimwear.

Below are six favorite shots showcasing Mellor’s dazzling bodypaint one-piece that paid homage to Kathy Ireland’s SI Swimsuit modeling. The eye-catching suit required extensive painting and gem application but delivered visually stunning results.

Lauren Mellor's Top 6 SI Swimsuit 5 Lauren Mellor's Top 6 SI Swimsuit 4 Lauren Mellor's Top 6 SI Swimsuit 3 Lauren Mellor's Top 6 SI Swimsuit 2 Lauren Mellor's Top 6 SI Swimsuit 1

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