Fans Are Utterly Disappointed With Kim Kardashian’s Stance On Israel-Palestine War

Kim Kardashian’s Stance On Israel-Palestine War: Kim Kardashian has caved in and chosen a side in the ongoing Israel-Palestine war, which began on Saturday, October 7.

Despite fans clamoring for the reality television star to show her support for Palestine, she has seemingly opted to take a neutral stance. In two separate posts shared via social media, Kim emphasized the needless bloodshed from both sides of the divide and called for peace to prevail.

Kim Kardashian Pisses Internet Users Off With Neutral View On The Israel-Palestine War

Five days ago, Kim uploaded six images from her appearance at the Victoria Beckham show during Paris Fashion Week and her followers saw it as an opportunity to make a point. Even though some people praised her for looking flawless in a floor-length satin dress, others demanded that she take a position regarding the war.

One person questioned, “Kim where are you!!!!? Stand with Israel!! We need your voice,” another wondered, “Where you at now to post about free Palestine? Is palestians lives not as important as Armenia?”

Instagram users who didn’t type out full statements in the comments dropped the flags of the country they were rooting for. Amidst the barrage of criticism, Kim took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday to express her standpoint, starting with a screenshot that contained these words:

“I take the side of humanity. No one should suffer at the hands of terrorist – governmental, and/or organized. Violence begets violence, but love operates in the same manner. Why choose the former, when the later is sustainable? A facetious question, but it can be a simple solution to a complex situation.”

Kim Kardashian’s Stance On Israel-Palestine War 1

Continuing, the note observed that when humans experience suffering and pain, they often turn to a higher power, known by various names. However, people unwittingly serve malevolent forces each time they take the lives of the innocent, endorse unjust treatment of fellow humans, harbor hatred among themselves, and operate without empathy.

“I choose peace. I am on the side of humanity. We need to ascend to our better selves immediately. This conflict has gone on too long, we’ve been too complacent in letting evil be in charge. This will have a huge ripple effect throughout the world. I call for peace. I call for love. May God bless all of the lives lost, and may God have mercy on us all,” the statement ended.

Kim Kardashian’s Stance On Israel-Palestine War

Keeping to the theme, Kim shared another screenshot, this time reading, “I’m seeing so much purple prose and careful writing and hand wringing and contextualizing and people viewing this through the lens of their personal philosophies and politics. Fine. Good for everyone. All of it is needed.”

It added that the “murder of innocents,” the “desecration of corpses,” the “taking of children as hostages,” and the “celebration of murder – especially the murder of civilians” are “never acceptable.” The shot concluded:

“Pray for the millions of Israelis and Palestinians who are now squarely in harm’s way because of yesterday’s violence and everything that has led to it.”

Although heart-wrenching, the two Stories seemed to offend a handful of viewers and they expressed their displeasure in the comments of the previously mentioned post. “Your story sounds like an “all lives matter” post to me… lol do your research,” one critic suggested the mother of four.

Kim Kardashian’s Stance On Israel-Palestine War 2

A second commenter stated, “So disappointed. You always speaking about humanity and human rights but only if it’s help to your job and your image. Just think for one minute if you’re daughter was Kidnapped to the worst place that you can imagine without knowing if she even survived? If she is raped? If its was happening to you I swear you would talking Differntly!!!!!!”

The SKIM Founder’s Sister Was Also Slammed For Her Support Of Israel

Kim is not the only person from her family to get criticized for her take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. her younger sister and model, Kylie Jenner, had come under fire after she took to Instagram to share:

“Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel. SHARE if you stand with the people of Israel as they face one of the most frightening situations in many years.”

Ultimately, the mother of two had to delete the post within an hour following accusations from fans that she had “no idea what is going on” in the conflict. “Shame on her,” remarked one person, as another cussed, “They don’t know s— regarding this matter. stupid people.” A third commenter penned:

“Right now Celebrities should only condemn the war crimes which are happening from both sides.”


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